In 2004 aggressive rollerblading evolved when the Xsjado (pronounced ‘shadow’) skate was revealed to the world. Designed from the foot-out, rather than the boot-in, the Xsjado was a more organic and less robotic skate that respected the most important part of the skate, the foot.

Born from a collaboration between Shane Coburn, Dustin Latimer and Salomon, the Xsjado design was, and still is, the only step-in binding style aggressive skate on the market.

In 2006 Salomon began its withdrawal from the aggressive skate market, eventually stopping production of the Xsjado. Thankfully, Powerslide Sport Item Distribution stepped in and took over the Xsjado brand.

Despite a passionate team and community, Powerslide made the difficult decision to retire Xsjado as a standalone brand in 2018.

During the brands 14 year history, it generated some of the most influential skaters, teams, video sections and skates. A chapter in rollerblading history now closed, but never forgotten.

In late 2018, the Xsjado skate re-emerged as the ‘Shadow’, now a model under Universal Skate Design (USD). Initially released in two variants, the skate was born again to a new generation of skaters.

There has been one constant in the Shadow story – community. A small but passionate community ensures the legacy not only lives on, but continues to evolve and attract others to one of the most unique and fun rollerblading experiences available.

The products on this site, and any profits made from them, are dedicated to this community.

Welcome to the family.